Each design is specially tailored to each client's experiences and to solve daily life's problems.
In this Villa design the main idea was to create a peaceful atmosphere with a touch of nature essence.
Simple and clean shapes coexist very well.
Living Room
The couple wanted their holiday home to be relaxed & warm.
Silk decorative paint in the walls and ceiling and blonde oak floor gives comfort and warmth to all the interior.
Cuttings from a natural wood trunk brings us closer to nature. I chose to place led strip lights behind it so that shape stands out and gives another dimension to the space.
How would you feel about cooking and enjoying the summer breeze at the same time?
This design uses earthy tones through natural materials such as wood and marble.
All kitchen appliances are hidden to remain the design as minimalist as it can.

Main Bathroom
The clients wanted a bathtub to relax in, but the space was small for a separate bathtub and a shower, so I decided to put them together and separate this space with a glass partition and deck floor.
Private Bathroom
Home Office
A tree trunk divides the cabinet into two adjoined zones: a working and relaxing area.
The owner can work from here while away from work. He also can rest here.
To continue with the design style of the villa, this warm sector has wood paneling and neutral tones with distinctive decorative elements in matte black, as in the rest of the rooms.
The environment allows the owner to understand, accept and live in harmony with the interior's calmness.

Design & Visualization: design.maelina
Project: Harmony
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Design Year: 2022
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